Need to Sell A House For Cash in Austin?

Thanks for Visiting our webpage that explains a little more about how we buy houses in Austin, TX.  Simply put, we are very serious real estate investors that focus on buying houses, repairing them, then reselling them to a retail buyer.  No matter what your situation may be, we can assist you in getting your house sold quickly.

We have helped many home owners in the Austin area that have suddenly found themselves in a difficult situation with a house that they own.  We have purchased homes from people who have a house that has been utterly destroyed by tenants and just don’t have the money that would be needed to fix the house for resale.   Most of the people that request a cash offer in Austin, TX  just need to cash out quickly, and don’t want to have the additional expense of Realtor commissions and closing costs associated with selling your house.

Although DoneDealBuyers enjoys helping Austin home owners day in and day out,  we also do business in other real estate markets in the Central Texas area, so suffice it to say that houses all over the state of Texas.  It’s great to do business in several markets in close vicinity at once, because of economies of scale.  We’ve seen that sellers in both markets only want to work with honest investors in Austin,TX that will actually close on a house that they have committed to buy.

Situations Home Owners in Austin May Be Facing

  •  Inevitable Foreclosure in the near future
  • Need to Sell an Inherited House to cash out of the equity
  • In a Dispute with a Problem Tenant
  • Recently had a tenant evicted and previous tenants destroyed the home.
  • and the list goes on.