We Buy Houses In EVERY Major City!
With Our Own Cash

We’re a San Antonio based home buying company that buys homes with cash, directly from people that want to sell quickly and without a Realtor/Fees.

If you need to sell… Done Deal Buyers is standing by, so that you can move on with your life.

Done Deal Buyers Is A Family Owned Business

My name is James Vasquez, here’s a picture of me and my family.  I have a wife and two wonderful children.  Truthfully, I started buying and selling houses over 7 years ago to provide for them…and I continue to do it because I enjoy helping people out of difficult situations and also making a living in the process.  If you’re looking for an honest, trustworthy company to buy your house from you, consider us.  I am a licensed real estate broker in Texas.

We’re willing to buy houses all over the U.S., but here are just a few of our most popular areas where we buy houses in: Las Vegas, NV, Austin, TX and Houston, TX.


Looking for a Trustworthy, Reliable Home Investor To Sell To?

Fact: Many people that have sold to us, have opted not to use a Realtor. (using a real estate agent isn’t always the best route to take.)


  • you don’t need to make any repairs to your house in order to sell it to us
  • you can stop interviewing agents
  • you won’t need to enter into a binding contract with an agent that could last months
  • we’ll handle the whole closing process from start to finish

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We Are The People Who Buy Houses
In San Antonio, TX

So look no further, we are the people / investors that buy houses that you’ve been looking for.  We’re a small family owned company, not some large company that you can fall through the cracks in.  As mentioned before, we’ve been buying homes from people in San Antonio since the dinosaurs were roaming the earth : )  Well, not that long, but we opened our doors about 10 years ago and have been steadily been the people many homeowners are looking for when trying to find an investor to buy their home from them without any hasells.

We usually know what we can offer you within only a matter of hours, not days…so why wait a second longer?

At Done Deal Buyers, we separate ourselves from the crowd..We like to do things a little different than other investors… We promise to give you an offer quickly, always respond to your questions and concerns, and not back out once we’ve made an agreement to purchase your home.

We don’t go the traditional route when buying houses, we use either our own cash or private money to close deals…(Go here to learn about our home buying process →)

***Done Deal Buyers is not affiliated with or sponsored by Home Vestors of America, Inc., and is not associated with the “We Buy Ugly Houses” trademark.  “We Buy Ugly Houses” is a trademark of HomeVestors of America, Inc.  If you are attempting to respond to a “We Buy Ugly Houses”  or “webuyuglyhouses.com” advertisement, you should contract HomeVestors of America, Inc., directly.***

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“i need to sell my house fast”

So, Why Not At Least Get An Offer? You Can Say "Yes" or "No" To Our Offer, No Worries Either Way

We buy houses throughout San Antonio & Austin, but we don't buy every house that we evaluate. Sometimes we're simply not the best fit and that really is OK with us. But why not at least see what we can offer..
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