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Have you ever had that moment that when you just want to sell your house because you just can’t handle the headache that it’s giving to you any longer? You know for a fact that it’s giving you a lot of pain and stress and the only solution that you can think of is getting a home buyer who can take out all of your worries away in that way you can move on and begin somewhere else.

If you’re a landlord who is just so tired of your tenants who are not paying on time and just ruining your house, or maybe that vacant house you got is just sitting there and not generating income for you. Even a divorce that you’re currently having might just trigger you to sell your house fast. These are just a few of the many reasons why people sell houses.

If you’re trying to avoid foreclosure and want to save your credit score, or if you have inherited a house that is just causing you to come back and forth so you can check if everything is okay, then selling your house is surely the best route to go. Even if that is a run down house, or a house that you think is not livable anymore, don’t worry! We buy houses in Universal City and nearby areas!

Once you have decided to sell you home, you have different options. You can have the house listed with a realtor, sell the house by owner, market your house online, or simply get a local house buyer in your area!

You might have a lot of things to consider but.. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES IF YOU SELL TO US?

1) No need for you to do any repairs on your property!
2) No need for you to pay any closing costs! Save more money!
3) No realtor fees nor commissions! We are your direct home buyers!
4) We have cash, on hand! No banks will be involved! That’s a guarantee!
5) We can close on your timeline! Yes! We are flexible when it comes to the date!

Why worry to fix your property and spend on expensive repairs if you can directly sell your house to us? No need for you to stage or make the house presentable because as your buyer, we can assure you that we can buy your property as is! No need for you to do even the slightest cosmetic work! We’ll handle it for you!

You don’t even have to add any decorations on the house just to make it look appealing. Others think that when it comes to selling the house, that all repairs must be done first. However, not everyone has the funds to take care of it all. Why spend and wait for months before you can sell it? If you need to sell fast for cash, the best route to take is with a cash buyer who can guarantee quick transaction for you! We don’t like to waste our client’s time. We will make sure that we got the best offer just for you!


Aside from the facts stated above, we are a team of highly experienced house buyers who is here to give you the solution that you need for your house! We have helped a lot of people and families in this area, because just like you, we are also local! Check out our super easy process here —>


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What To Expect In Universal City, TX

Universal City Dog Park/Animal Shelter – If you have a dog and would love to bring your dog out for a walk, this is the perfect place to go to! Your pet will surely love it here since they can run around without their leash!

Olympia Hills Golf & Event Center – If you are a golfer, then this is a place you don’t want to miss! You’ll get to enjoy the awesome South Texan feels and wildlife!

Those are just some of the many places you can surely go to once you decide to the beautiful place of Universal City! If you need to sell your house and move somewhere in the area, you can always talk to us at (210) 390-0750.