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Whatever Condition– No Matter The Price Range – Or Location In The Area

We Buy Houses in Kirby And Anywhere Near The Area, Fast And Easy! We Are Local Real Estate Investors Ready To Give An Honest Offer!


Are you trying to get rid of an unwanted property? Are you having a hard time keeping up with the mortgage payments? Even if you’re having issues with your current tenants who are not taking care of your property the way it should be treated, we are here to make sure that you get an honest, all cash offer for your home!

Different situations, different reasons – It could be because of back taxes, unpaid liens, divorce, foreclosure or maybe because you just have to move somewhere else, or maybe because you have inherited a property that you really don’t need since you already have a house of your own, whatever it is, we got the right solution for you, we are house buyers in this city and nearby areas, whatever it is, we are the right team who can absolutely get this deal done for you!  If you don’t believe us, check out our Kirby seller Testimonials.

Why pay for realtor fees if you can sell the property as is to a Kirby home buyer? That’s right! No need for you to do any repairs, don’t worry about fixing even the minor issue there is. You don’t even have to wait for months and months before your property gets sold. We got this for you. Our goal is to make sure that you don’t think about any problem there is on the home as we prepare an honest offer for you!


• We move fast and quick.
• We don’t care what the condition is.
• We are always available to listen.
• No realtor fees!
• We pay cash, on hand!
• We will run the papers for you!
• We close when you want to,
• We can assure you that we got a fair offer waiting for you!

Even if you’re not in a rush to sell, that is totally okay! Remember, you don’t have to sell if you’re not ready. With us, we make sure that you are 100% ready before we move forward with anything. We make absolutely sure that you fully understand how everything works before we start the process.

We are experts in the real estate industry not just because we have bought a lot of houses already in this city and nearby areas but also because we listen to whatever you have to say. You may think that you’re property is too much to handle, or maybe you might think that we won’t buy an unappealing house. We buy houses in whatever condition it could be!(Easy home buying process here →)

I know that selling your home is something that has to be thought about. But remember, it is never hard to sell once you come up with a decision. Try to call us, we’ll help you figure it out. You may want to tell us why you’re thinking of selling and why you think this is the move you can think of so far. Once done, we can assure you that we have a very simple process. You just fill out the form below, or you can just call us when you need to.

Remember, selling is easy with us! We got the cash, on hand, and our goal is to  help you with all of your concerns all the way!


So, Why Not At Least Get An Offer? You Can Say "Yes" or "No" To Our Offer, No Worries Either Way

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This city may be small but it has a very warm neighborhood and is absolutely an option to start  a new family. This is just short drive from San Antonio, near the Randolph Air Force Base, and a few miles east of Ft. Sam Houston.

If you live in Kirby and you need to sell your house fast, you don’t really have to let go of this beautiful place. If you need our help in finding a different place to live in just so you can move on, we are still the right people that you can talk to. Never hesitate to talk to us, we are always available to talk to you and listen to you at the same time. We’re just a call or text away—