Top 3 Cash Home Buyer’s in Austin, TX

Here at Done Deal Buyers, we’ve been in the real estate investing business for over 8+ years.  We’ve purchased 100’s of homes of all different shapes and sizes from people of all different backgrounds and situations.  I say all that to say this.  We have a lot of experience in the real estate investing industry.  Austin is no different than any other city in Texas.  It’s like the wild west of home buying/investing here.  A homeowner never knows who they’ll be contacting when they decide to pick up the phone.  They could be calling one of Austin’s top homebuyers, or they could be calling a newbie to the business;  someone who hasn’t even closed his first deal yet.


Knowing that this is what homeowners area facing when trying to sell a home “off-market”, we decided to put together a list of helpful resources.  Below you will Find a short list of home buyers in Austin…fair warning, we can only truly vouch for how we do business here at  Not all companies will treat you fairly and with integrity.  Not all investors will do what they say they will do when they say they’ll do it:


1) Done Deal Buyers

That’s us! Of course we’re going to list our company first on this list of Austin home buyers.  At Done Deal Buyers, we put our company first on the list because we can attest to OUR credibility and OUR ability to follow through on our promise to close every transaction as agreed.  We never charge commissions, and we never charge the seller “junk” fees.  If you need to get rid of a home, strongly consider us as an option to at least get a free, no-obligation offer from… Here are just a few reasons why Austin home owners like yourself choose to work with us:

  • We answer the phone when you call.  I know that may sound like a no-brainer…but most investors don’t answer the phone.  We have a dedicated team ready to answer your call, and discuss your situation with you in great detail if needed.
  • We are able to be at your home to see within 3 hrs from the time you call us.  We follow the Jimmy John’s model of being “scary fast” with our service.  We believe it’s just one more way to give you great customer service.
  • We can have a firm, concrete offer in your hands within 5 hours from the time you initially contact us.  If you’re in a hurry, we can be in a hurry with you.
  • We do what we say we’ll do, every time.  If we make a promise to purchase a home…We stand by that promise.
  • We never charge commissions and we pay the closing costs.  Not all home buyers will do that.
  • We never ask the seller to clean the house out before we’ll buy it.
  • There’s isn’t a house that we won’t buy.  We buy houses in Austin, even if tenants are still in the property.  Not every home buyer will agree to that, but we will.


Done Deal Buyers
5804 Babcock Rd #530
San Antonio, TX 78240

Phone: 210-390-0750


2) (Austin Location) has been buying houses all over San Antonio, TX for well over 9 years…but they also buy houses in Austin, TX…even though their name and website domain name doesn’t have the Austin name in it…don’t be fooled…they are not  first-time homebuyers…they’re seasoned investors that buy quickly, and sometimes without even looking at the property in person.  Just being in business for that long says something about them..Especially with how competitive the real estate investing market is these days.  Home investors that don’t buy and sell houses consistently, will not be in business too long.  The company buy houses to flip and also partners with other real estate investors in the San Antonio area on many of it’s home purchases.


We Buy Houses San Antonio Company
1113-C East Houston St
San Antonio, TX 78205

Phone: 210-547-7505



3) Big State Home Buyers

This company has been buying home in Texas for well over 10 years…and going strong.  They’re roots are in Houston, TX, but like most real estate investors…they’ll take a deal anywhere they can, including in Austin, TX.  Their website mentions that they buy houses in Austin, but in my opinion, they merely dabble in the Austin, TX real estate housing market.  The reason why I believe this is because not only is their website not ranked high in Austin, but they also don’t have a local business listing in Austin, which is vital if a business plans to bring in consistent deals.

Here are a few pluses about Big State Home Buyers:

  • They’ll buy houses with their own cash or hard money lenders
  • They’ll buy houses with squatters
  • They’ll buy fire damaged homes.
  • They can also close quickly and probably don’t charge fees or commissions either


Big State Home Buyers
2500 E T C Jester Blvd #505
Houston, TX 77008

Phone: 888-915-6501
Fax: 713-263-7460


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