Why Sell to Done Deal Buyers in Nevada?

DoneDealBuyers.com has been buying houses in the U.S. for the last 10 years, and we don’t have any plans on stopping.  Why?  the main reason is because we enjoy the business.  We enjoy finding houses that need a lot of work or finding people that need help out of a difficult situation, and then help them.  Here’s some of the ways we have helped Nevada home owners as we buy their homes from them:

  1. We Charge $0 in Commissions (even though we handle the entire purchase from start to finish)
  2. We Charge $0 in Closing Fees (even though it’s commonplace that both buyer and seller split it)
  3. We Require $0 in Repairs before closing (even though we could ask for those repairs in advance)
  4. We may advance up to $5,000 to you BEFORE closing, after contract signing and clear title.

Our Nevada Locations: